Paying for accommodation : Financial assistance – housing

APL : Personalized housing assistance

If you are a tenant, you can receive housing assistance: the APL.

The process is usually very long. We therefore advise you to apply as soon as possible!

To find out how much help you could receive, you can simulate the process: 

The application for APL must be made on the internet, on the CAF website:

Site of the CAF with all the conditions and steps to follow: APL | 

Here are the documents you need to send: 

1) A copy of both sides of your national identity card, your passport, or your birth certificate if you are a French citizen, or a copy of your valid residence permit in other cases.

2) Bank (Rib), Postal (Rip) or Savings (Rice) statement in your name

3) Certificate of rent completed, dated and signed by the owner.

Mobili-jeune : for work-study students 

In order to be eligible for this assistance, the following conditions must be met:

  • To be under 30 years old
  • Be on a work-linked training course under an apprenticeship contract or a professionalization contract in a non-agricultural private sector company.
  • To be in a company contributing to the 1% % housing scheme (this is the case for all companies with 20 or more employees), to receive an income less than or equal to the monthly gross minimum wage (€1,539.42).
  • The salary to be taken into account is the one registered on the work-study contract (apprenticeship or professionalization).

You will find here all the information about this help : AIDE MOBILI-JEUNE®