Are you doing your Erasmus in Paris? 

You are looking for an accommodation close to your place of study or your university? 

Whether you come from France or from all over the world, this guide is for you!

Down below you’ll find our tips and tricks to find you accomodation, apply for accomodation aids, and even plan your departure, as well as who to contact in case of emergency.


SOS Canapé

SOS Canapé puts a student in need of housing in contact with a student or family who can accommodate him/her

For a duration between 2 and 5 days!

Future host?

Whether you are a student, a family, a young worker or a retiree, everyone has a good reason to host an international student for a few days during the back-to-school period 

You want to and have the possibility to help, don’t hesitate, fill in the form to be put in touch with an international student.

Plus d’informations dans le formulaireMore information in the application form

Need to be hosted?

Are you coming to Paris soon?

You’re getting the keys to your apartment or Crous room soon but you don’t know where to sleep until then?

Are you looking for a place to sleep but haven’t found one yet?

We can try to put you in touch with someone who offers you their couch for a few nights.

How does it work?

I am a host

I sign up on the form

I fill in the form above.

Some documents and personal information are required in order to be able to identify you and contact you if necessary 

I wait until the SOS Canapé activity period

SOS Canapé est ouvert pour le moment simplement pendant les période de rentrée.

Hors Janvier/Fevrier, et Septembre/Octobre, vous ne recevrez pas de demandes d’hébergement

I am put in contact with a student

I receive an email with a student’s request for accommodation.

I can refuse it, or decline it

I host the student

I organize myself with the student to welcome him.

I take care to speak to him/her initially by video, so that I have had a first almost real contact.

I send my feedback

Je reçois ensuite un formulaire pour pouvoir partager mon ressentis et mes remarques sur SOS Canapé.

En cas de question de volonté de prise de contact rapide, je peux contacter SOS Canapé à

I am hosted

I sign up on the form

I fill in the form below.

Personal information is requested, in order to allow me to be put in contact with a host.

Additional information is requested in order to know more about your situation

I wait for a return from sos canapé

SOS Canapé is doing its best to put me in contact with a host, but I am aware that there are no guarantees.

I am put in contact with a host

I am put in contact with a hosting company, by email.

I can always inform that I don’t need hosting anymore if I found another solution

I am hosted

I organize myself with the host to be hosted.

I take care to communicate initially by video, in order to have had a first quasi real contact.

I give back my feedback

I then receive a form to share my feelings and comments about SOS Canapé.

If I have any questions or would like to be contacted quickly, I can contact SOS Canapé at


SOS Canapé simply and solely puts in contact people who wish to host, and people who wish to be hosted.

We cannot be held responsible in case of difficulties, and we invite you to contact each other by phone or videoconference before the meeting, in case of need we will be able to direct you to the competent authorities. 


By simply putting you in touch with us, ESN Paris wishes to :

  • Help international students who are experiencing temporary housing difficulties in Paris
  • Allow the creation of links between international students and Parisians
  • Prevent international students from finding themselves on the street or in emergency housing upon arrival

Please fill in the form below or contact us at the following email address

We will answer you, and the answer may be added to this FAQ

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