Making mibility accessible
to young people with disabilities.

International Mobility with disabilities,
is :

Making information accessible:

International mobility with disabilities is a year-long program to create a platform where young people with disabilities can access all the information they need to undertake international mobility.




Encourage mobility actors to set up accessibility projects

The project ended with a formation in Croatia, in which young people participated. 

This event allowed collecting many proposals to improve accessibility within international mobilities.

Find out more by reading the report.

Gathering testimonies and proposals

The second aim of the platform is to encourage and raise awareness among young people who think that their situation prevents them from accessing mobility. 

That is not true, and it is the reason why we collect testimonies from young people to show that it is possible to travel abroad despite handicaps.

Guarantee a peaceful departure for all, whatever the situation

ESN France is committed to welcoming young people with disabilities by training its volunteers through this platform. 

This awareness allows everyone to be informed of all the initiatives that make international stay a wonderful experience, in any situation!

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