The ESN association is a volunteer unpaid organization.

The team is composed by 5 member of the office team:

  • Vice-PresidentVice-Pré
  • General
  • The Responsible of local relationships

There are 4 ESN Departments, each one has a responsible, and an IT manager:

  • Responsible of the Culture and Travel
  • Responsible of Party and Sport
  • Responsible of Partnership
  • Responsible of Communication
  • WPA: Web Project

The ESN association also includes its own Administrative Council which has a directive role over the long term.

The Council is composed by members of the office team and six other people: you can contact it via .

ESN members

The ESN PARIS association is composed by approximately 50 active volunteers who work every year within International Students.

Here you will find some of them describing what ESN Paris represents for them:

Jihane Fares


ESN Paris is more than an association; it is a family. A family based on sharing, mutual support and solidarity. ESN means unity made out of diversity, strength made out of differences.


Naggara Samir ESN PAris

Naggara Samir


To me ESN Paris is the art of hosting and meeting new people. Being part of this project means to me opening a door to those people arriving in Paris and telling them “Welcome to Paris, we were waiting for you to come, look at all these things we have prepared for you”.

Lucas Jacq


ESN is a solidarity movement which contributes to the fostering of international mobility, a project from young people to young people.

For me being an ESNer is a chance, an amazing human experience.

Karim Dahoumane


In a few words ESN Paris means to me: welcoming, integrating, supporting and team building.

ESN is a big family, my family.