When ?

During the quarantine, the Test-Alert-Protect (T.A.P) triptych strategy must continue to being applied. 

  • I get tested in priority in case of symptoms of the Covid-19 or if I have recently seen someone tested positive. Therefore, I allow the laboratories to focus only on priority persons.  
  • I provide a list of all the persons I have recently seen to my attending doctor and to the health insurance if my test is positive, so they can be alerted quickly. Therefore, I am engaged in containing the virus.
  • I protect others by isolating myself 7 days if I have seen someone tested positive of if I have symptoms, and at least until I get the results. 

How much ?

The health insurance reimburses 100% of the test.  

How ?

Depend on the labo : with or without an appointment 

Where ?

Find here the map where you can find a covid test center