Help – Transportation in Paris

Paris is very known by the accessibility of means of transport, most of french living in Paris don’t have a driving licence not because it’s expensive to afford but because it’s easier to reach another city in île-de-France, and it takes less time than by car. Here you can find different means of transport by Subway, Bicycle (Vélib) or Bus.

Means of transport in Paris : 

Application that can help you :

  • RATP ; also accessible by website
  • CityMapper ; also accessible by website
  • Google Maps ; also accessible by website (CityMapper remains better because they warn you in case a métro is not working etc)
  • Vélib’, app officielle, also available via the website 

Navigo Pass

  • Different packages :

Unit price ticket is 1€90, tickets book of 10 is16,90€.

The price of a week Navigo is 22€80, and 5€ for the card. So if you don’t already have the Navigo card, it will cost you 27€80.

The price of a month Navigo is 75€20.

Card Imagine R, for students under 26 years old, valid one year, costs 350€ (You don’t have to pay it ine one time, you can pay 35€ each month)

Nagivo Easy is a rechargeable card with unit tickets, you’ll pay 16€90 for the first time, and then 14€90 each time. Rechargeable also for one day Navigo pass (for OrlyBus and RoissyBus tickets as well). 

Liberty Navigo, it allows you to pay the next month what you already consumed.

  • Registration
  • Termination 

The card Imagine R is an one year engagement but it can be terminated during the year under certain conditions : 

  • Relocation out of Ile-de-France (attach proof of address).
  • Internship for beyond 2 months (attach the companie papers)

For termination, you need to send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt ( attaching the necessary documents, as the model below)

To the following address : 

Agence imagine R

TSA 16039

95905 Cergy Pontoise cedex 9


There is a free access bicycle service in Paris and its inner suburbs. The Vélib is accessible in two forms : the green mechanics and the blue automatic bicycles

There are two different kinds of subscriptions : 

  • 5€ for one day 
  • 15€ for one week

With those two subscriptions you can take a green bicycle for 30 minutes without extra fees (you can bring it back and take it the right away and the timer can start once again from 0), if you want to add half an hour you will pay only 1€, it’s the same case for the blue bicycle.

There is two types of Velib :

  • V-Plus substantially : subscription of 1 year at 3€10 per month (2€30 for under 26 years old)
  • V-Max allows the rental of green Vélib for 1 hour without additional cost for a duration of 30 minutes (and 1€ for half hour). 8€30 per month, 7€10 for under 26 years old.

Those subscriptions are also 1 year commitment and can be canceled by mail (ordinary this time), same patterns as Imagine R to the address below : 

Service Clients Vélib’ Métropole

TSA 71111 – 92 667 Asnières-Sur-Seine Cedex

The last possibility is called V-libre, you enter your banking information and pay 1€ for every half hour of mechanical Vélib used and 2€ for electrically assisted Vélibs. 

All the informations are available in Vélib Métropole