The platform of cohabitation and sharing between young people and seniors.

Toit+Moi is changing its name very soon. 

Indeed, the platform is currently undergoing major changes! 

Come back soon to rediscover it!

Toit+Moi and ESN France :

An alliance between European actors of intercultural and intergenerational activities

Our consortium, led by ESN France, wants to disseminate good practices bringing together seniors and young people in international mobility.

From simple meetings to intergenerational co-location,
The objective is to invite new structures to offer this kind of service.

Intergenerational and intercultural solidarity

The principle is simple: putting seniors in contact with young people in international mobility according to a win-win principle.
Indeed, the platform allows seniors to open up to the world and youth and to fight against loneliness and isolation.

The platform allows young people to find a person who will help them put down roots in a different city and culture.

A platform that will soon evolve

Formerly managed by Assurance Retraite, the governance of the project was recently taken over by ESN France, which is currently making major changes to the platform. 

More accessible, more practical, and with support managed by the many associations in the network, the platform will soon take a major turn.


The possibility of cohabitation

Toit+Moi allows young people to find accommodation in a home at a lower price, thus facilitating their international mobility.

Also, it allows seniors to benefit from a slight income supplement, making the end of the month easier by completing their potential small pensions.

Project partners: