Allowing young people to experience
art and international mobility

Art Mobility, a creative project:

Making opportunities available:

Due to limited access to opportunities, young people are distanced from international mobility.

Art Mobility aims to raise awareness of international mobility among young people from working-class neighborhoods in the Paris region by offering them an artistic journey to discover existing opportunities.

An enhanced experience

Each young person who has participated in the program has seen his experience valued by the YouthPass. 

Recognition of his involvement in a European youth project.

Allowing artistic expression:

Accompanied by a graphic designer, the young people undertook an artistic discovery of the opportunities that were open to them.

They created a comic book, a prism of their vision on international mobility, which you can download below.


Bringing mobility to disadvantaged youth

Through our actions, the young people who participated in the project were able to discover the city of Rome during a youth exchange.

This project allowed young people to discover an experience that they thought was impossible until then.

Project partners :