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Finding an accomodation







1. What is the ESNcard for?

Thanks to the card, you can have a lot of discounts:

- Ryanair: 15% off and a free 20kg luggage on 8 flights

- Société Générale: 80€ offered when you open an account in the Assas bank

- Ouibus: 2 promo codes of 7€

- Royal Est Music: Beers at 3.50€ instead of 5€, at any time !

- Espit Chupitos: Shots at 2.50€ instead of 3€, at any time !

- Our trips: reduced price on our trips

And many more...


2. Is the ESNcard mandatory?

The ESNcard is not mandatory but it helps the association to function and might be required for some of our events.


3. How much does the ESNcard cost?

The ESNcard in Paris costs 12€.


4. Where to get the ESNcard?

We sell the ESNcard every monday during the Café des Langues at the Royal Est Music, 129 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris. Check out our events on Facebook.

It is NOT possible to get the card online, or another time that during the Café des Langues. Do not worry if you fear to miss on the Ryanair discount since it is only valid during the scool period.

5. I have troubles with my ESN Card, can you help?

The first thing you should do is to activate your card on esncard.org. If you couldn't activate your card, you can contact us so we can check if you registered your card with the right e-mail or if we have the right card number in our system. If you could activate your card but have other issues, then you should check the FAQ of esncard.org. Indeed, as a local assocation we cannot help further with the card logistic and you should contact directly the esn card organisation.


6. I have troubles with Ryanair, can you help?

If you activated your ESNcard but have troubles registering it on Ryanair, please have a look on this dedicated FAQ. If your issue couldn't be solved thanks to the FAQ, please contact directly Ryanair or esncard.org.



Finding an accomodation


1. What are the best websites to look for an accomodation?

For a flatshare, you can look on:

- La Carte des Colocs

- Appartager.com

- Our Facebook group


For a room in a student residence, you can look on:

- Cité Internationale Universitaire